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How to register Ads:


To register an ad of your own follows these simple steps:

Note: if you already have an account please login using your username and password


A. To register an advertisement for your working field, search and find your location on the map and zoom enough to reach the required accuracy. After that right click on your location to see a popup window appear on your screen.


B. Based on whether you already have an account (loggen in) or not, one or two forms will be displayed. If you are not already a member you need to fill the account information form at the first step and then go to the next. After that fill the required fields for your activity and finish the registration.


Your ads will be displayed on the map to others after administrative confirmation. (You can always edit your ads by logging into your account, also you can register more than one ad)


How to search: 


You can search and find any woodworkers or related ads on the map using the main category filters provided on top of the map. By clicking on every marker icon you can find more information about it.


Ads prices:


55 / six months

 87 / one year


Payment process:

In order to pay membership cost, please refer to www.etransfer24.com. Transaction will start with the entering destination SHEBA no.: 5302-2034-2001-0416-7031-8001 (Fig. 1).

ETransferMrKolaee1.gif - 166.39 kb

Figure 1- first step

In the next stage, you should fill other required details regarding the destination account of the recipient, according to the following table (Fig. 2). 



Bank Name:


Account No.:


Full Name (EN):

Hossein Haji Hajikolaee

Recipient Address:

Velenjak. Shahid Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran

Post code:


Recipient City:


Recipient Country:


Recipient ZIP Code:


ETransferMrKolaee2.gif - 211.77 kb

In the third step, the other details should be filled according to the sender’s account no

Important policy:


The advertisers are responsible for their Ads. It means that the website owners are not responsible for legal verification of the advertisements and other contents registered by advertisers. So you should make sure of the credibility of the advertiser before you enter into any transaction with them. 


Registration benefits:


  • Register everywhere
  • Edit any time
  • Be seen in your country and all over the world
  • Cover all woodworking fields
  • We are the first!

Contact us:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   ,   +989374917663 : Khandan (Support & software development)
Tel : 02129902641

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